In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 1PhD student in Sports Management, Payame Noor University. Tehran, Iran

2 2Professor of Sport Management, Payame Noor University. Tehran, Iran.


A B S T R A C T The purpose of this study is to identify knowledge management maturity barriers along with business in Iranian sports. This research is descriptive-analytical type that has been done in the field and it is in line with applied research. The statistical population included faculty members of sports management of public and Azad universities and specialists of general departments of sports and youth. The sampling method was random-stratified. and a research-made questionnaire was used to collect information. Data analysis was performed using SPSS23, PLS3 software. Bartlett tests, KMO tests, exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis were used to determine the barriers. The results showed that 11 factors were identified as barriers in sports organization including: ,lack of support and lack of knowledge management organizational infrastructure, lack of connection between knowledge management and business and its strategies, Not desirable of managerial and environmental factors of knowledge management, ,lack of security and weakness of information technology, lack of knowledge management strategies and goals, weakness of organizational structure and process of knowledge management, lack of attention to project management and staff empowerment in relation of knowledge management, inefficient management of knowledge-based human sources, lack of knowledge management governance, low quality of knowledge information, technology and knowledge management systems, low efficiency and effectiveness of knowledge management systems in sports organizations