In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The purposive of  study was content  analysis of  90 TV  Sport  program  in 2008-2009.  The population was the all of the program in during of  a  Iran Football Superleage.The sample was purposive and The program were broadcast in during the second semi ssesean of  super league   in  2008-09. 
Content  analysis   was  performed with   preparation   of  coddingsheet and  codifying   instruction ,  and   operational    definitions   from  the  categories  with   three   units  of   program, item, and subject.
The findings showed : 77% of the subjects given in the   program were  related to main  subjects  while  23%  were   related to secondary subjects .In  78%  of  the  subjects the performer  had  no objection  and in  96% of  the subject   there  was no verbal confrontation between  the performed   and the guest.
  The role of  marginal  subjects  in  live  programs  is twice   more than that  in  recorded programs the trend of   program  is   more  focused and managerial subjects having a critical  position  toward  managers  and  technical  staffs  of  the  teams   and   a   fair   trend toward the players and umpires .  Using  37%   of  mocking tone in a  serious and live  TV  program would show  the  program  to be highly critical  and clamorous. Mocking free critical and  using  the experts   in  different  sport   fields  would  help  the improvement  of  the program and  would be highly effective in   preservation   on  the  program.