In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



This thesis was carriedout to standardize the anthropometric indices including BMI, WHR, WC and body fat percentage among the women candides of entrance examination of Payam  Noor university in body physical education course. The subjects were 1800 women candidates of entrance examination in bachelor٫s degree of physical education course that 664 of them were chosen randomly. Based on the results of this research, the subject’ norms were as follows.
BMI: 23/08±3/56 kg/m2 , WHR: 0/7±0/07, WC: 77/54±9/69 cm and body fat percentage : %32/87±7/12 . Data analysis showed that the norms of BMI, WHR, WC and body fat percentage in women candidates as the predictive indices when the obesity related diseases occur are similar to their other country forejen sample. This similarly may be due to the level of education, attention to body composition adequate physical activity and awareness of the dayers of inactivity and obesity. The comparison of the obtained results to common norms showed that the body fat percentage of the subjects were higher than the mean range and had no health  problem. In BMI they were in an acceptable range and lower than the natural range. In WHR they were in a low danger range and no danger treathens them. Generally according to the results the subjects in the body composition and its norm had no special problem and hygiene related dangers doesn’t trearthen them.