In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study is investigating effects of four week interval training with Creatine supplementary on peak power, mean power, fatigue index, in femal amateur swimmers. For this, 30 student of Shahid Chamran University (22/10 ± 1/41 years, 57 ± 6/31 kg) were selected and randomly divided in three groups: supplement, placebo and control groups. The subjects in supplementary group ingested 20gr Creatine supplementation per day for 5 day (2×10 gr/day) (loading phase) and then ingested 2gr per day for 25 day (maintenance dose). In placebo group, the subjects ingested the same dose of placebo and the same time. The groups of supplemental and placebo participated in interval training for four week. The control group was not ingested supplement and wasn’t participated in training. For evaluation the peak power, mean power and fatigue index, performed Wingate test was used. All of the subjects performed these tests before and after 4 weak training. Multivariate variance test for analysis of data was used ().The results suggested that 4 week interval training with Creatine supplementary improve, peak power, mean power, fatigue index and sprint performance.
Use of creatine supplementation lead to increase of creatine storage in muscle, and improved Phosphasion system functional and then short time and intensify performance.