In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Sport Management, University of Allameh

2 Sport Managment, University of Modares


The purpose of this paper is framework of developing and explaining an entrepreneurship mission
statement in sport of Iran from the view point of sport experts which is the results of research in
developing a strategic plan for entrepreneurship in sport of Iran. In this study (quality and quantity) was
obtained by interview the view point of sport management elites. A research designed questionnaire was
developed on this basis and according to elements of mission statement and after validity verification
(by professors) and reliability (α=0.94), the questionnaire was distributed among physical education
organization top managers, club managers, and professors of sport management. Then data analysis was
obtained by using Bartlett, Kaiser, and factor analysis tests. In conclusion, mission of entrepreneurship
in sport orienting physical education organization was developed: "mission of entrepreneurship is
providing dynamic economic for sport industry and help to sport development by privatization in
society in order to develop innovation and employment.” So entrepreneurship mission statement in sport
of Iran determines nature and concept of future activates in organization of physical action, in order to
create employment and development the effective entrepreneurship plan in the same course.