In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


Shahid rajaei University


The purpose of this study was investigating the relationship between students emotional intelligence,
fitness and life quality in Shahid Rejaee Teacher Training University. Target population in this study
was whole the students of that university at academic year 1390-91, nearly 3859 people. The sample
was selected 380 people according to Morgans’ table. Stratified and randomly sampling was used and
the faculties of university was assumed as the strata. In data collection life quality SF-36, sybria-sherink
emotional intelligence questionnaire and practical protocol of physical activity was used. To analyze the
data, in descriptive statistics was used such as frequency, percentage, means, and standard deviation and
in inferential statistics, multivariable regression. The finding showed that average score students life
quality with regard index score (100) was median (68-71) and the girls life quality was lower than boys
life quality. Also, average score of boy’s emotional intelligence was upper than girls’ emotional
intelligence and the girls were weaker in fitness average score than boys. Finally, the results was
showed that fitness (β=0.268) and emotional intelligence (β=0.278) can prediction students life quality
(P≤0.001). It the same accomplishing of numerous extramural as sport activities and entertainments by
sport office and counseling workshops by counseling center to improving of students life quality.