In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study is to describe and determine the  relationship between relationship marketing, customer satisfaction and intention to revisited  in Mashhad’s women aerobics clubs. To do this,300  randomly customers from women aerobic clubs were chosen and data was collected through Kim relationship marketing questionnaire(2008) and α=0.92, Lim satisfaction questionnaire(2008) and α=0.88, Lim intention to revisited(2008) and α= 0.77. Research method  was correlational and  pearson correlation coefficient and linear regression were used for analyze data. Research findings revealed  that there is a medium relationship between relationship marketing and customer satisfaction in Mashhad’s women aerobics clubs (r= 0.537). There is a high relationship  between relationship marketing and intention to revisited in Mashhad’s women aerobics clubs (r= 0.477). There was no statistical meaningful relationship between reciprocit and intention to revisited in Mashhad’s women aerobics clubs. Results alse revealed that relationship marketing can be predictor on satisfaction and intention to revisited in customers. (Relationship marketing (0.445) + 32.565 = customer satisfaction and relationship marketing (0.168) + 11.759 = Intention to revisited). Therefore the club owners and managers to recommend for customer satisfaction and Intention to Revisit To use of relationship marketing components , Addition to, customers increase can in the long time to be more Benefit  clubs.