In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



The approach of this research was to establishing applicable strategy model of Wrestling Federation by BSC approach. The statistical population consists 90 of the Federation general assembly members, experts and elites who were familiar with Federation. The sample of this study were chosen purposefully (79 people in the quantitative study, and 11 people in the qualitative study).the qualitative interview and self-made questioner were used as investigation tools. Reliability and validity of self-made questioner was assured through physical education experts and university teaching faculty members opinions. The pilot study as well as internal validity was found to be applicable by cronbach’s alpha coefficient (α=0/83). Collected data analyzed by x2 Klomogorov Smirnov,  cronbach’s  alpha  ,and logical  inductive reasoning. The research finding showed the federation  had four perspectives ,such as finance ,customer ,internal process ,learning and growth and as well as 16 strategic objective (4 objectives on the finance perspective,5 objective on the customer perspective,3 objective on the internal process perspectives , and 4 objective on the learning and growth perspective),45 measurements (10 measurements on the finance perspective,30 measurements on the customer perspective,7 measurements on the internal process perspectives, and 18 measurements on the learning and growth perspective) 98 initiatives. In the Wrestling federation strategy map there  were cause and effect relationships among all perspective and also among some of the different objectives .Ultimately it can be concluded that , suggested perspectives ,strategic objectives ,measurements, qualitative objectives, and initiatives have potentiality of being applied in practicing strategies of federation due to the relationship between federation vision and strategies and its strategies objectives, measurements, qualitative objectives, and initiatives