In collaboration with Payame Noor University and Scientific Association of Sports Management of Iran

The copyright law gives an author of a work a bundle of exclusive rights to do and authorize others to do the following with the work:

  • To reproduce the work
  • To distribute copies of the work to the public
  • To prepare derivative works based on the work
  • To display the work publicly
  • To perform the work publicly

Under the traditional academic publication model an author typically transfers all copyright interests to a publisher. If authors relinquish all their copyright interests to the publisher, the author loses the ability to use his or her own work without permission from the publisher.


In order to reduce the time and effort necessary to prepare and upload a submission, we have relaxed the formal requirements (e.g. style of citations and references; separate file for each table or figure) for the initial submission. At this stage we ask only for the uploading of the following:
• a cover letter indicating briefly the main contribution of the paper and its relation to the editorial policy of SER;
• a separate title page which should contain the title, authors' names and address, acknowledgements and word count (click here for the template to prepare the title page);
•the main document should be kept anonymous and contain title, abstract, SER keywords, JEL classification and main body of the document. Please refrain from any self-citations such as "authors' own", forthcoming etc. in both text and footnotes. Click here for the template to prepare the anonymous main document). Please note the length of the text, including references and footnotes, must be between 6,000 to 10,000 words; in general, tables and figures should not require more than 4 additional pages in the journal; more materi
Once a manuscript has received a decision of ‘revise & resubmit’ or ‘conditional accept’, the revised version must adhere strictly to SER requirements as outlined in detail below. The resubmitted paper will not be processed further unless it is in correct SER style.
All material to be considered for publication in Socio-Economic Review should be in electronic form via the journal's online submission and review system.

Details on how to submit online and how to upload the manuscripts are given in the online submission instructions. But, please, read our guidelines for the preparation of manuscripts first.
• The maximum length of articles including references, notes and abstract is 10,000, and the minimum length is 6,000 words.
• Articles must be accompanied by an abstract of no more than 150 words.
• Articles must be accompanied by SER keywords (up to 6) and JEL classification (up to 3). Please add the respective JEL keywords to the descriptors. - For the link to the SER keyword list please click here. - The JEL classification can be found at
• The main document has to be anonymous and should contain title, abstract, SER keywords, JEL classification and the main body of the document - strictly avoiding self-references. Please, prepare your manuscript text using a Word processing package (save and submit in .doc or .rtf format). Files must not be supplied in PDF format. Manuscripts should be one and a half-spaced, including text in tables, legends and references.
• The author's name, institutional affiliation, and full contact details (postal, phone, fax, and e-mail), acknowledgements and a word count should be supplied on the title page which has to be uploaded as a separate file.
• Please upload a cover letter for all new submissions indicating briefly the main contribution of the paper and its relation to the editorial policy of SER.
• For revised submissions, please also upload a point by point response to the reviewer. Please ensure the response to reviewer comments or file is anonymous.
• Authors should pay particular attention to the accuracy and correct presentation of citations and references in the text as well as in the reference list at the end of the manuscript. For examples please click here.
• If you are using Endnote as a bibliographical and citation programme you may download the "style" which approximates SER requirements. Please note that by using this style your reference list will only correspond to the SER requirements as far as the Endnote programme allows. If necessary, please adapt your reference list manually. Please download our Endnote style here.
• Footnotes should be kept to a minimum. They should be indicated in the text by superscript figures and collected at the end of the article in numerical order (Arabic numerals). If you use the Word programme choose: Footnotes as endnotes.
• Illustrations and tables must be provided in electronic form; each one must be provided in an individual file and uploaded separately in the online submission procedure. The file name should contain the number of the figure or table (‘Table #’, ‘Figure #’). When uploading, enter the title of the figure or table in the box marked ‘Caption/Legend’: ‘Figure # [the title of your figure]’; ‘Table # [the title of your table]’. They should be numbered in Arabic numerals and should be referred to in the text (indicate location by mentioning table or figure number and title). They should be comprehensible without reading the text, and the source has to be cited correctly.
• Concerning figures: The preferred file format for figures are Word, Excel (data sheet and chart), or EPS files. While notes and sources can be integrated into the figure file (see style sheet), titles should not be integrated as they are typeset with the text and not with the graphic. Please download our stylesheet – including models - for the layout and formatting of figures here. PLEASE NOTE: Publication of your manuscript will not proceed until figures suitable for reproduction are received. Also, the author is responsible for obtaining permission to reproduce a graphic from copyright holders. Please see the 'Permission information' below.

Important: Before submitting your manuscript electronically you should have the following types of files ready:
• 1 title page with author(s) information - if applicable, acknowledgements - and word count;
• 1 anonymous text file without this title page and without other information allowing to identify the author(s), including the abstract (maximum 150 words) below the title and SER keywords as well as JEL classification following the abstract;
• 1 separate file for each figure and for each table; it helps to list them in the order in which they appear in the ms as they have to be uploaded exactly in this order in the online submission procedure. The text file must not contain the tables and figures.
Papers submitted to this journal which do not adhere to these Guidelines for Authors or the Online Submission Instructions will be returned for appropriate revision to be in line with these Guidelines. They may then be re-submitted.